Our Lesson Plan

Classroom Instruction

Unit 1: The System and You
Unit 2: Vehicle Familiarization
Unit 3: Basic Control Tasks
Unit 4: Traffic Control Devices and Laws
Unit 5: Perception and Driving Strategies for Different Environments
Unit 6: Natural Laws Affecting Vehicle and Operator Performance
Unit 7: Handling Vehicle/Driver Emergencies
Unit 8: Operating in Adverse Conditions
Unit 9: Driver Fitness (and Organ Donation )
Unit 10: Responsibilities of Owning and Maintaining a Car

Behind the Wheel Instruction

* entry level procedure tasks
* minimal traffic, numerous intersections
* selective parking techniques
* higher speeds, sight distance planning
* moderate in-town traffic
* expressway, controlled-access highways
* parallel parking, maneuverability practice
* country roads
* night driving (when possible)
* lane changes
* railroad crossings
* passing


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Meet our Staff

They are the secret to our success. Combined they have more than 70 years of experience in teaching driver education.

Pam Nau


Pam began teaching driver education in 2006 and became the owner in 2010. She teaches the in class and behind the wheel lessons and the adult remedial classes. Pam has a daughter, Heather and is also employed by Caldwell Exempted Village Schools.

Gerald Winnett


He opened the school in 1997 and has been with the school since that time. He is also employed by the State of Ohio, Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. He and his wife Kathy have 2 adult children, Jamie and Karlie.

Kathy Winnett


Kathy was the co-owner of Winnett’s Driving school and continues to do in-car instruction. She is also employed by Cambridge City Schools.

James Hayhurst

In-Car Instructor

James Hayhurst has been with the driving school since 1998. He primarily does the in-car instruction. He is also employed by Cambridge City Schools. He has 3 children: Robbie, Riley and Rusty.

Theresa Sestina


joined the driving school in 2009 She teaches teens in class and adult remedial classes. Theresa owns New Creations hair salon.

Cherie McComb


Cherie McComb is our newest instructor. She began teaching driver education in 2014. She is also employed by Cambridge City Schools. She and her husband Danny have 3 children: Renee, Timmy and Kierstan.